Here we present a selection of some of the areas we have worked for. For more information please contact us.

Aeronautic industry

  • Machine for inserting Huck pins into the wing structure of the aircraft ATR 72;
  • Machine for riveting the goods loading/unloading door of the aircraft.


  • Automatic machine for riveting the aluminium hubs to the brake discs;
  • Cleaning machine and machine for lubrication and pre-packaging of brake discs;
  • Machine for riveting clutch plates;
  • Automatic machine for checking the thickness of clutch plates;
  • Automatic machine for inserting threaded inserts on battery holder for electric cars.


  • Automatic machine for blocking steel compass on a steel wire Ø1.6 (traction resistance 100kg). The compass change form: from circle to square;
  • Machine that blocks a brass compass on a steel rod Ø 4 chamfered in 4 points.


  • Assembly of strollers with personalized multiple self-powered riveters. Line designed with 3 positions served by 3 operators and a portal that automatically moves the piece in the next position. Production: one finished piece every 50 seconds;
  • Semi-automatic assembly line for baby highchairs and carry baskets.
  • Assembly of child seats even with robots that allow our screwing units with reduced dimensions to enter in horizontal on the inside of the sitting.
  • Electrical screwing with control of torque and turns to be able to guarantee precision also on plastic parts
  • Riveting of accessories such as belts, sunroofs, hooks etc.;
  • Machine with rotating tables of groups of wheels with automatic insertion of Starlok® and pins (automatic unloading with pick and place).
  • Equipment for fixing of parts with hooks pressure, caulking, etc.;

Dimensional and functional control

  • Automatic machine for checking the thickness of clutch plates;
  • Control system for hooking and releasing of plastic parts or metal parts;
  • Automatic machine for checking piece conformity via camera.

Domestic appliances

  • Dowel machine for hinges with tongue and groove;
  • Multiple machine for riveting every type of hinges;
  • Eyelet punching machine for assemble the opening of washing machines with top loading;
  • Machine for riveting the structure of washing machines, coffee machines, fridge handles etc.;
  • Machine with electronic control programmed by the operator to assemble the mechanism with different length rivets.


  • Eyelet punching machine for bucket handles;
  • Eyelet punching machine for plastic sheets for truck;
  • 2-eyelet punching machine with variable distance for plastic bags;


  • Riveting machine with 16 contemporary rivets to complete a slatted chair in one stroke;
  • Multiple riveting machine with 24 contemporary rivets to assemble complete mechanism right and left of sofa bed;
  • Manual riveting machine for assembly of preassembled mechanism of bed frame;
  • Multiple machine for riveting every type of hinges;
  • Automatic machine for assembly of double wheels: insertion of pin axis, greasing of wheels, insertion of wheels, insertion of threaded pin and extraction in 2.7 seconds per finished piece;
  • Automatic machines for assembly of pawls or pins in hinges for furniture;
  • Screwing machine with rotating tables for industrial wheels with automatic feeding of screws and nuts;
  • Screwing machine for screw in wooden structures.

Joint for irrigation

  • 3-riveting machine with rotating table Ø 2000mm and palletizer with portal interpolated at 3 axes with running axis for 3000mm axis y 2000mm and axis z 2500mm;
  • Single shot machine for joints, programmable for different length rivets to finish the piece without resumption.


  • Riveting machine with shaped arm for fixing helmet buckles;
  • Riveting machine with rotating table for fixing helmet buckles;
  • Riveting machine with rotating table for hooks for ski boots;
  • Riveting machine for engine protection of motocross bikes.


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