Automatic Screwing Machine 501

Automatic screwing machine with 3 axes which can work in a area of 600x600mm. The machine can be managed and programmed via touchscreen, using our easy and intuitive software.

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The automatic screwing machine 501 is an automation machine with 3 controlled axes which can work on a 600x600mm area. On a touchscreen it is possible to record up to 8 different screwing programs, using our easy and intuitive software. The automatic screwing machine 501 is an excellent solution to improve your productivity and the repeatability of your working processes.


The automatic screwing machine 501 can be managed via touchscreen; programming is easy and intuitive thanks our software, which was made taking into consideration all the problems that could occur during the screwing operation. The operator can save all the screwing points using a coordinate system or a manual control (jog). It is possible to adjust the torque and the rpm of the screwing unit programming up to 8 different screwing programs, in order to diversify the screws tightening. The working area is 600x600mm and it is possible to adjust its height, so the screwing unit can always reach the screwing point. The 3 axes are driven by brushless motors with planetary gearboxes in order to get high accuracy.


The feeding system of the screw is made with our vibration cup feeders and our double-movement separators. All is optimized to ensure reliability over time. The vibration cup feeders work with electromagnets to get a constant screws flow. The double-movement separators check the presence of the screw and blow it in a closed cavity in order to reduce the air waste and to keep the system’s noise low.

Technical specifications

Torque:                                                   up to 15 Nm

RPM:                                                       up to 1200

Pneumatic power supply:            6 bar

Power supply:                                    ∼ 220 Volt

Working area:                                    600x600mm


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