Pneumatic Riveting Squeezer

Pneumatic riveting squeezer to insert semi-tubular rivets designed to operate on big and heavy parts, supported by a balancer. The power is exclusively pneumatic.

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Our pneumatic riveting squeezer was designed to insert semi-tubular rivets in heavy and bulky pieces and in general where it is impossible to operate with a standard riveting machine. The unit is easy to use, and it is supported by a balancer to help the operator. The pneumatic riveting squeezer is essential for different applications and it works exclusively with pneumatic power supply.


The squeezing unit and the power group are connected with a hose 3 meters long. When you have manually placed the rivet, you can position the unit. The unit is supported by a balancer and made with two comfortable grips. The riveting occurs pressing two buttons at the same time.

Technical specifications

Rivet diameter:                                   from Ø4 mm to Ø12 mm

Rivet length:                                        from 10mm to 80mm

Pneumatic power supply:            6 bar


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