Riveting Machine 400E/S

Pneumatic riveting machine with programmable control for insert rivets up to n°6 different lengths and a fixed diameter between Ø3mm and Ø6mm.

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The pneumatic riveting machine model 400 is the most complete standard riveting machine we make. This machine can operate up to 6 rivets of different length and same diameter. The model 400 is the best solution where it is needed to make some different riveting in the same assembly line or on the same piece.


The model 400 works with max 6 semi-tubular rivets of the same diameter between Ø3mm and Ø6mm 1 and different lengths between 6mm and 60mm. A pin helps the operator placing the predrilled piece. The electronic control with touchscreen allows the operator to program how many rivets of each type to place and it ensures the rivet presence. The riveting starts with pressing two buttons at the same time or with a pedal, supported by our electronic saving-hands which prevents riveting if there are obstructions.


The feeding system is composed by our vibration cup feeders and our metal guides. All is made to ensure reliability and durability. Our vibration cup feeders work with electromagnets to get a constant rivets flow; then the rivet flows in the metal guides, made for the specific type of rivet or pin, in order to ensure the right operation of the machine. The vibrations cup feeders can be place over the riveting unit or on a separate bench according to customer needs.

Technical specifications

Rivet/pin diameter:                       from Ø3mm to Ø6mm 1

Number type of rivet/pin:            from 2 to 6

Rivets/pins length:                         from 6mm to 60mm

Pneumatic power supply:            6 bar

Power supply:                                 ∼ 220 Volt


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1 For larger diameter you can view riveting machine model 2400

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