Screwdriver with automatic feeding 201

Screwdriver with automatic feeding and our patented start system. The torque and the rpm of the electric motor can be controlled by a digital panel.

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The screwdriver with automatic feeding model 201 was born to optimize work process and increase productivity. It is designed to be easy and comfortable to use, thanks to its ergonomic grip and our patented start system. The automatic screwdriver 201 represents a reliable and efficient machine for your assembly line.


The screwing unit is easy to grip thanks to the ergonomic handle. With our patented start system, start occurs when the proper pressure is applied on the piece to screw. With the KOLVER® control unit you can manage the rpm and the torque of the motor, in order to get the screwing you need.


The feeding system of the screw is made with our vibration cup feeders and our double-movement separators. All is optimized to ensure reliability over time. The vibration cup feeders work with electromagnets to get a constant screws flow, and they have also a timed stop system to stop the vibration in case of prolonged inactivity. The double-movement separators check the presence of the screw and blow it in a closed cavity in order to reduce the air waste and to keep the system’s noise low.

Technical specifications

Torque:                                                    up to 3 Nm 1

RPM:                                                        up to 1300

Pneumatic power supply:             6 bar

Power supply:                                      ∼ 220 Volt


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